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Town of Basin, WY published their Municipal code here.

Their is no mention of hives or bees that I can find in the code. The closest I find is in the 'Animal Control' section 4-2-1. I suppose, depending, one could use the definition of 'Dangerous Animals' as described to include honey bees - in an extreme situation.

Any animal that in the absence of intentional 
provocation inflicts serious bodily injury to
a person or animal on public or private property; 
or is involved with a sustained attack upon 
a person, not allowing the victim any means 
of escape, regardless of the extent of the 
injury or defensive action required.

Yea, it's a stretch. But, if you had an overly aggressive colony, they might be classified under that definition. As such, there is a section stating they must be removed from the town.

Dangerous animals are hereby declared a public nuisance and 
shall be removed from the town immediately; or, as so ordered 
by the municipal court judge upon a lawful hearing, shall either 
be removed immediately from the town, or be destroyed. (Ord. 
518, 2-7-2000)

There is also a standing prohibition against 'Farm Animals'. Though honey bees are not specifically listed, they are often considered livestock.

Prohibited: It shall be unlawful for any person to keep, 
maintain or have in his or her possession any farm animals 
within the town.

So, at this time, thought they're not specifically banned - you may have some issues if you want to keep bees in Basin. Maybe not! Still, I'd encourage you to visit your city council and get a rule change specifically allowing honey bees on your property within the town limits.