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This is a short list of a few I've found. No endorsements. Just a list, no endorsements - really. Enjoy! - located in Polson, Montana, this is about as close to a 'local' supplier as I know of. Strong supporter of the WY Beekeeping Association as well! - Prairie Wind Bee Supply - Cheyenne, WY. (package bees, nucs and queens only - nothing else) - Copoco's - Ft. Collins, CO. (have some stuff, tools, boxes, etc) - where I've purchased the vast majority of my stuff. If it has to do with beekeeping, they have it. Free shipping on orders over $100. - very popular amongst the commercial crowd as well. The "other" big outfit. Located in Clarkson, KY - Located in Fishersville, VA - Plastic frames 'n foundation (plays music when you visit) - MJ says "Good prices, hand made Amish woodenware"

Other info - Swarm traps (nucs) from a sheet o plywood. Plans and how to. - Hive/colony modeling software, research tool. Try things out, see what it does. LOTS of variables, bit of a learning curve.