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NOTE: Beekeeping is NOT allowed in Mills. Apparently the only place in Natrona county where it's forbidden.


Casper City council amended the Casper Municipal code on 4 Aug, 2015, allowing for the the keeping of honey bees within the City Limits of Casper.

6.04.050 - Beekeeping.

A. Definitions. The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this section, shall have the following meanings ascribed to them.

1. "Apiary" shall mean a place where bee colonies are kept.

2. "Bee" shall mean any stage of the common domestic honey bee, Apis mellifera species.

3. "Colony" shall mean a hive and its equipment and appurtenances, including bees, comb, honey, pollen, and brood.

4. "Hive" shall mean a structure intended for the housing of a bee colony.

B. Hives. All bee colonies shall be kept in inspectable-type hives with removable combs, which shall be kept in sound and usable condition as described in Wyoming Statutes, Title 11.

C. The applicant shall comply with State Regulations regarding the keeping of bees. (note: see Wyoming Regulations)

D. Setback. All hives shall be located at least ten feet from any adjoining property with the back of the hive facing the nearest abutting private property lines. Hives may be located on the property line abutting alleyways.

E. Fencing of Flyways. In each instance in which any colony is situated within twenty-five feet of a developed public or private property line of the tract upon which the apiary is situated, as measured from the nearest point on the hive to the property line. The beekeeper shall establish and maintain a flyway barrier at least six feet in height, consisting of a solid wall or fence parallel to the property line, and extending ten feet beyond the colony in each direction so that all bees are forced to fly at an elevation of at least six feet above ground level over the property in the vicinity of the apiary.

F. Water. Each beekeeper shall ensure that a convenient source of water is available at all times to the bees, so that the bees will not congregate at swimming pools, bib cocks, pet water bowls, birdbaths or other water sources where they may cause human, bird, or domestic pet contact. The water shall be maintained so as not to become stagnant.

G. Any bee colony not residing in a hive structure intended for beekeeping, or any swarm of bees, or any colony residing in a standard or homemade hive which, by virtue of its condition, has obviously been abandoned by the beekeeper, is unlawful and may be summarily destroyed or removed from the city by the city manager or his designee.

H. Violation of the regulations set forth can be grounds for seizure of the bees and criminal prosecution by citation or summons in the Casper Municipal Court. The keeping by any person of bee colonies in the city not in strict compliance with this section is prohibited.