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A new keeper, inspecting a frame.

2020 Season


These are free classes Heather and I host at our home. They are NOT intended to make you expert beekeepers and are very likely not going to make you even good keepers. But, we hope these classes will give you what you need to get started. Receive your packages, setup your hives and dive in. But, you will need to do more - later on.

Plan is to get you setup and ready for when your packages arrive. You can introduce your packages, get them fed and started.


For the month of February, the first 4 Saturdays (1 - 22 February), 2:00p until we're done. We'll try to keep things to 2 hours or less, but depending on how many folks show up, questions asked, desire, etc - things may run a bit longer. Be ready! Heather will not let me go too long, but we want to ensure you're ready and confident. That may take time, maybe not!


Anyone who wants to begin keeping bees this Spring.

If you'd like to participate in these classes - please, let me know!! Send me an email using this link Email for classes.

If, for any reason, the email isn't working for you - call me using the number on the Main page


SPECIAL for those of us that live within the city limits of Casper, the density of bee yards in town creates a very "close" environment. What you do or don't do with your bees will affect other yards. So, by equipping YOU to be as safe, successful and informed as possible means you'll be that much less likely to create or foster a problem for anyone else. Have no doubt, as many bees as we have in Casper, we are all our neighbors beekeepers.

Until classes start, take a quick read through 10 Tips for New Keepers.

Class Outlines

1 February

  • Rules, requirements, laws and regulations
  • Equipment, building getting things setup
  • PPE, veil, gloves, jacket, smoker
  • Tools and extras
  • Getting your order in - now for gear and bees!

8 February

  • Introducing a package to their new home.
  • Hands on with brood boxes, frames, foundation
  • The hard part...

15 February

  • Feeding
  • Building up a new colony
  • Weekly inspections - how to do 'em, what you're looking for - the good stuff
  • Record keeping

22 February

  • Last class!
  • Diseases
  • Pests
  • Parasites
  • what you can do about 'em - or not do.
  • What you're looking for while you do inspections - the bad stuff


This is just a rough outline! It's very likely to change, be modified depending on where everyone is at - needs, etc. Use this as a *very* rought guide and outline. What actually happens may be spot on - or quite different. We'll see.