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Natrona County Beekeeping Association


The Natrona County Beekeeping Association meetings are open to any and all with an interest in honey bees and apiology.
The group meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month. 7:00pm

Next meeting is Thursday evening, 12 October


Sharing of our favorite honey cooking, treats and beverages! Bring something to share, if you can. As well, we'll share our stories of this season past. Things worked, accomplishment and maybe even things we would've done differently.


  • Beekeeper’s Honey Party
  • Goodies with your Honey
  • Honey Tasting: Foraging & Flavors

See ya there! have our usual discussion on bees and how to care for them.


We'll be meeting in the basement of the College Heights Baptist Church. This is the old church building kind of 'up on the hill'. It should be large enough for a group our size. We'll start at 7:00, and if folks want to hang around longer - cool.

You can use this map to find the parking lot. Looks like best access is via 21st Street. From Poplar, turn East onto 21st and follow that all the way into the upper lot. (Also looks like Google maps isn't quite current.) Doors will be open - follow the signs or noise <g>.


If you've questions or just need to contact someone with the NCBA - you can reach us through the information on our About page. Or use the phone number here. Cell number

Past Meetings

Notes, pictures and maybe even information from past NCBA meetings can be found here.