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OK - common sense.

This is the internet. That means there are risks - learn what they are and accept them or conversely, get off the nets.

You MUST be a real person with an interest in keeping bees in Natrona County to create an account and edit this site. That's why all this hoop jumping and snarky language. Bots don't snark well.

If you're a low-life spammer slug or search engine seeder - just go away now.

Basically, just show you're a real person with a legitimate interest in contributing to this site and you'll be welcome.

Oh, and you may want to check out our Privacy Policy and Disclaimers as well. There's a link to them at the bottom of every page.

Big point - illegal activities of any kind will not be tolerated here.

We also frown - strongly - on bullying or any other counter productive behaviors. Wheaton's Law is in effect and enforced.

Enjoy and thanks for come'n by!

"The Management"