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Prairie Wind Bee Supply

2019 Group Package Buy

8 Feb, '19 Prairie Wind says all packages have been sold. They do have a few nucs left.


This is what we've got this year for package buy. If you've other sources you'd suggest or rather use, by all means - go for it. Only real advantage to this plan is if you can't or don't want to drive to Cheyenne for the pickup - we'll arrange to get your bees here to Casper for you for pickup.

Please, place your orders DIRECT with Prairie Wind Bee Supply. You'll have to send a check/cash/money order via snail mail or use credit card with an extra fee. We will NOT be taking orders on their behalf.


Packages: With Carniolan Queen (Cash/Check $144.00 or Credit Card $148.32) With Italian Queen (Cash/Check $144.00 or Credit Card $148.32) With Russian Queen (Cash/Check $179.00 or Credit Card $184.37)

Nucs: Carniolan Nucs (Cash/check $189.00 or Credit Card $194.67) Italian Nucs (Cash/check $189.00 or Credit Card $194.67) Russian Nucs (Cash/check $224.00 or Credit Card $230.72)


We'll coordinate a run down to Cheyenne to pick 'em all up for folks and bring 'em back to Casper so we don't ALL have to drive down. Of course, if you'd rather get 'em yourself - drive safe!

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