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Anyone with an interest in beekeeping in Natrona County


Deb's new house out on Emigrant Place. Head out West as if you were going to the Poison Spider School. Just past the 'off road' park and before you get to the school, turn right. You'll find her place up near the top of the hill.

And, if those driections are vague enough to get you lost, just click this link to view a google map that'll show you where it is.


Our "First Annual" social. A chance to meet folks with no agenda or presentations, share your experiences, insights and your food!


8 October - 6:00p


Heather and Deb have sorted out the main bits. Bring your self, some of your honey to share around for the tasting. Mead if you've got some. Harvest from your whatever - bring what you'd like to share! Deserts, drinks, etc - all is welcome. I'm guessing any left overs will be divided up and sent home with those there.