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The City of Rawlins, WY publishes their Municipal Code here.

Title 6 is labeled "Animals" and bees are specifically mentioned:

Section 6.05.020
It is unlawful for any person to keep, maintain, pasture, stable, corral or house 
within the city and within one half mile beyond the corporate limits of the city, 
any livestock, wild animals, domestic fowl, bees or exotic  pets  without first 
obtaining a permit therefor, except upon the action of the city manager, or his 
designee, for special events and recognized youth programs. 
(Ord. No. 4-97, Enacted, 04/15/97)
Section 6.05.040
Upon approval of permits for the keeping, maintaining, pasturing or stabling of 
all such livestock, wild  animals, bees or exotic pets a permit shall be issued 
by the city clerk upon the  payment of any permittee of an annual license fee.
The amount of the annual license fee and duration of validity for the permits shall 
be established from time to time by resolution of the city council and be avail 
able to the applicant at the office of the city clerk or designee. 
(Ord. No. 4 -97, Enacted, 04/15/97)
Section 6.05.050
Permit-Applicant investigation.
The city manager or his designee, shall, upon receipt of an application for a permit required by the provisions
of this chapter, take such action upon the application as in their judgment will best serve, 
promote and protect the public health and welfare of the city. Denial may be appealed to the Rawlins 
City Council. 
(Ord. No. 4 - 97, Enacted, 04/15/97)

It appears to me that whether or not you might have bees in Rawlins is decided on a case by case basis.