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OUTLINE of Topics

This is a rough outline of subject material and topics for the year. Not carved in stone. Please feel free to update/edit as appropriate.


  • Review our Recent Bee Year
  • Yea’s and Nay’s of the last year
  • You are Your Neighbors Beekeeper, too
  • Info about Bee College in March
  • Books & Supplies Info


  • You Thinking About Honeybees?
    • Basics for Beekeeping
    • Ordering of Basic Equipment
      • Have equipment ready for swarms
    • Regulations & Registration
      • Review web site
    • Bee Hives & Foraging Basics
      • How does gear go together - basics of inspections
      • Forage radius, waggle and circle dance
    • Basics of diseases
      • Chalkbrood
      • Sacbrood
      • The Evil Fouls
      • DWV
      • Others not yet seen: bald brood, IPV, Black Queen


  • Bee Package Intro & Care
  • How to Introduce a Package of Bees
  • Review of Equipment Needs
  • Basics of Mite treatments
  • Nuc Information


  • The Bees are Coming!! Intro Q&A Bee College Highlights
  • Answers for last minute questions
  • Topics from Bee College


  • Swarms:
    • The Bees Just Want a New Home
    • A Swarm Wants a Home
  • Combining Hives
  • Splitting Hives to Prevent Swarms
    • Catching Swarms & Swarm Traps
  • Introducing Swarms to Hives


  • Inspection of Beehives
    • The Four Goals of Beehive Inspection
  • Basic Hive Managements
  • Queen Assessment & Management


  • Treatment & Prevention of Disease & Pests
  • Intro to the Bad Guys: the signs
  • Treatment Practices, esp of Mites


  • Extraction Know How
  • Varroa Mite Know How
  • Extraction Needs and Info
  • Mite Treatments
  • Mock-up Hive


  • Beekeeper’s Honey Party
  • Goodies with your Honey
  • Honey Tasting: Foraging & Flavors
  • Ask for wax user ideas for November meeting.


  • Winterization
  • The Beekeepers 2nd Year
  • Keeping Your Bees Alive Over Winter
  • 2nd year to dos to prevent loss


  • Over wintering
  • Preparing your hives for December-February
  • To feed or not to feed, if so - how
  • Winter Disease prevention
  • Giving your colonies their best chance of beating old man winter
  • What kills colonies in winter and how to prevent colony loss
  • Wax rendering - how to clean and save your cappings and burr comb
  • Using your newly rendered, clean wax
  • Plan our group buys
    • Packages, nucs, woodenware and equipment


No meeting - go be with family!