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Well, looks like we're live!!

This site is for the beekeepers in Natrona County specifically and the whole of Wyoming generally. It is an outgrouwth of the the Natrona County Beekeepers Association (NKBKA).

Please, do request an account and feel free to edit, contribute, correct and be part of our online community. This site will only be as good as you make it. Cell number

At this time, there is no formal entity that might hold any kind of legal status. We're a bunch of beeks trying to be helpful.

If you have questions about NKBA, please contact NCBEES

If you need to contact the site's System Administrator <- use that link.

If you have questions about bees, want to arrange a field trip or need help with a swarm - call the number in the image or contact anyone mentioned on this page.

Thanks and may your days be filled with the contented, happy buzz of healthy colonies!

Another contented critter for which I hold a bit of fondness