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My name is Tate - I'm a beekeeper. I'm also a bit of an IT geek, a ham radio enthusiast, an electronics tinkerer, black powder enthusiast, knife assembler..

Yea, lots of things.

One of them is hosting this site. It's kind of a love/hate thing. I love that people visit and can use it! Sometimes I kind of hate what it takes to keep it working. People are great!, But computers can sometimes be a real challenge. So, if you've questions or problems with the site - or your bees. Please, feel free to join our Email Reflector at:

You can ask about the site, let us know of problems, corrections or frustrations and if I don't respond in reasonable time, someone will ::thwak:: me upside the hat holder to pay attention. (all in good fun)

Good luck and enjoy!

Happy Bees.